Re-Elect Gyna M. Bivens

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Re-Elect Gyna M. Bivens

Thank you for electing me to serve you during the 2013 election. I have only been in office two years, but I am proud of the body of work we have accomplished in this short amount of time. Businesses are moving into the district. Others are expanding in the district. We are knocking down blighted structures on a regular basis and we’ve only just begun. 

Keep the Progress going and send me back to City Hall by voting for Gyna M. Bivens on May 9, 2015. Early voting is scheduled from April 27th – May 5th. I believe we can change lives in District 5 if we change the economics. That’s why I’m proud to share names of companies that have worked with City Hall to move in or expand in District 5:

  • 2015 Celebrity Health Full Service Clinic grand opening
  • 2015 Waste Management to relocate to District 5
  • 2014 American Airlines Integrated Operations Center breaks ground
  • 2014 Victory Packaging announces Fort Worth facility to be built
  • 2014 Bell Helicopter’s designation of Fort Worth as GLOBAL headquarters
  • 2014 State Nuclear Power Technology of China opens

  • 2014 PennyMac announces expansion plans
  • 2013 NBC 5 relocates to District 5
  • 2010 Pratt Industries improvements complete
  • 2007 CUNA Mutual Group improvements complete
  • 2005 Cott Beverages USA improvements complete
  • 2004 Chase Bank Improvements (Bank One)