Re-Elect Gyna M. Bivens

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Campaign Promises Made Good

Gyna M. Bivens is a trained, skilled and experienced communicator. She uses her voice for her constituents to further community improvements. Since 1977, she tracked government and government boards as a reporter, city department head, served on numerous city boards and as a city council member for 2 years. She is the President and Executive Director of North Texas Leaders and Executives Advocating Diversity. The organization has connected nearly 700 high-level professionals to jobs with members of the non-profit.

A native Texan, Gyna M. Bivens grew up in a church built by her father which still stands today and plays a key-role in the community as a local meeting and vocational point.

She graduated from North Texas State University in 1977 with a degree in Radio/Television/Film. She has worked as a television reporter in Lubbock and San Antonio. She was appointed as the head of the City of San Antonio’s Public Information Office in 1982. She has worked as a radio reporter in Dallas. TXU/Lone Star Gas hired her in 1998 as a corporate spokesperson for TXU and a bureau chief for FOX 4 news.

Charting the Future to Prosperity 

Moving forward, Gyna M. Bivens track record of delivering on promises will continue. She values her district and is passionate about positive growth and change.

  • Development is coming to District 5 with major housing projects delivering significant growth and restoration. 
  • Focused zoning changes will eliminate bad zoning that in turn will attract developers. 
  • The Trinity Lakes development will continue.

A priority goal of Re-elect Gyna M. Bivens is the revitalization of the CAVILE community. Built in 1954 for public housing, the site is slated for demotion, however Gyna is dedicated about this passion project and collaborating with the Fort Worth Housing Authority is working to develop this property creating single-family homes, townhouses and apartment complexes. Through renovations in the existing property coupled with new property development, a gracious living facility will be created.